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Traditional Cement Tiles – A timeless beauty

Thursday, 02/02/2023, 15:56 GMT+7

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Traditional Cement Tiles – A timeless beauty

Traditional Cement Tiles – A timeless beauty

Although current projects are mostly directed towards modern, youthful, sophisticated design styles… This does not mean that the spaces imbued with Asian cultural styles have faded away. It is even very creative and impress everyone. To create a space with a perfect combination of classic space and a bit of modernity, traditional cement tile is an option that cannot be overlooked – It has a timeless beauty together with Vietnamese culture.

Encaustic cement tiles bring a timeless beauty

Encaustic cement tiles are easy to use in decorating for both floor tiles and wall tiles as well as creating accents for the entire space. In order to help people having an objective and accurate view, Secoin will provide information about the traditional cement tile product  to customers.

What are encaustic cement tiles?

Traditional cement tile, also known as encaustic cement tile, a type of floor tiles that has been existing for a long-time. It is an ecofriendly product because the production process does not release wastewater, toxic substances into the environment. Besides, cement tiles are known as an ancient traditional culture of the Vietnamese people with many patterns showing classical features ... So these tiles are often preferably used at construction projects such as post offices, theatres, churches, temples, etc…

Gạch bông thường được sử dụng tại những công trình hướng đến sự cổ điển, tinh tế
Traditional cement tiles are given birth decades ago, bring a unique feature and become the "national" tile of all families even there are many high-class floor tiles on the market at present. Cement tiles still have a strong appeal, popular with homeowners who love traditional, classic, vintage retro styles, ...

The history and development of encaustics cement tiles.

Created in the 1850s by the French architect, at the beginning, traditional cement tiles were produced simply by the hydraulic press with the main raw material is cement. However, they have exquisite and classical style, so it is popular to many customers and still has specific applications in today's architectural works.
Cement tiles are created in the 1850s by the French architect.
Since then, cement tiles have also been introduced to many countries in Europe and around the world. Cement tiles are widely popular and constantly developed into many unique and diverse designs. Therefore, encaustics cement tiles dominated the market, especially Italy.

In the 1920s, cement tiles came back to be one of the high-class and fashionable materials used in many places of the elite such as palaces, castles, government buildings, .... This has made cement tiles quickly became the standard in traditional space and cultural designs when being introduced into the Vietnamese market with the aesthetic beauty of the most sophisticated and classic art of that time.

Creative spaces with traditional cement tiles from Secoin

Secoin ‘s encaustic cement tiles have had environmentally friendly certification as well as safety certificate for human health with VOC Class A + and compliance with the regulations on CMR ingredients which  reassures customers to use the products.

Let's have a look at spaces created with traditional cement tiles so that customers can have an objective and right view about this type:

Cement tiles for living room

The living room is an important space for every home because this is the living area that needs elegance, sophistication and above all, the color scheme should be the same with the color of  furniture.

Cement tiles give a living room the luxury and styling

For different living room areas, there will be suitable cement tiles:
With a small and narrow living room: it is advisable to choose cement tiles of middling size to create balance; In terms of color tone, you can choose white in combination with dark blue to help increase the modern style together with optimal light.
With a large living room: you can choose large sizes adequately to create a good balance with simpler color schemes and patterns, ... to avoid the imbalance of the entire space.

Cement tiles for the dining room

The dining room is the place to "keep the fire" for all family members, the color schemes can be toward warm tones. It also needs to be in harmony with the color of furniture, interior walls, etc. to increase the unity for the entire space.
In addition, as the dining room is likely to get dirty, hard to clean, so using cement tiles with the advantages of anti-mold, anti-fouling, dust, ... is something that everyone should consider to save cleaning time.
Using cement tile for living room bring a feeling of a tidy and impressive space. 

Cement tiles for bathroom

The space of bathroom is always used after a long tiring day that in need of relaxed feelings and rest ... Therefore, for the bathroom space should use simple patterns and avoid making eye confusing because it may increase the feelings of fatigue.

Using cement tile for bathroom can bring a clean space
The latest models of cement tiles today always meet the ability to waterproof, anti-mold, anti-slip, color fastness and durability for using in long period. Besides, the patterns created with softness and brilliance to increase the aesthetics of the bathroom space without being cramped or uncomfortable.

Cement tile for bedroom

The bedroom is a private place, showing the personality style of the owner, so we can choose patterns that match with the individuality and preferences of each homeowner.
Patterns of cement tile that used to create an impressive space for bedroom.
Each space with different area ... will have different choices of cement tiles. Therefore, people need to consider carefully to make the most suitable choices to help the space become brighter and wide. Moreover, there should be similarities in color with the decorations in the room to create perfection and uniqueness.
With the information above about traditional cement tile patterns that perfectly applied to many spaces, hopefully it will help you have more optimal choices for your home.  If there is a need for cement tiles, please contact Secoin for a quick advice and support.

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