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Here are some common questions and answers. If you still have any other questions related to our products or services, please send your questions to contact(at) Thank you.

For packing into container, we double stack pallets. We also recommend double stacking for pallets when being kept in your warehouse to avoid any breakage or damages.

Tiles are put face to face into cartoon boxes. Between the tiles, there are white papers to protect tile surface. Then, boxes are put into wooden pallets. Pallets will be loaded into container. Please click here for more details.

Each 20ft container can be loaded with 20 to 24 pallets depending on the maximum tonnage allowed by shipping companies. For tiles of 1.6cm thickness, each pallet has 60 boxes equal to 28.8sqm, totally we could load 691.20sqm in 1 container 20ft. In case of thin tile 1.2cm, we could load up to 920sqm in one 20ft container.  Please click here for packing details.

We have standard pallet size: 113x93x98cm (length x width x height). Three layers in 1 pallet, each layer has 20 boxes.

We have many sizes of tiles. The most popular tile 20x20x1.6cm weighs 1.3kgs, 1 pallet has 720 pieces  à 936kgs (net weight). If included carton boxes and pallet weight, each pallet weighs about 1 ton. Please click here for for information about other tiles.

We supply our tiles in 3 kinds of carton boxes: Secoin standard carton boxes; Neutral boxes (plain without name or logo); Custom boxes (depending on the order volume).

For LCL orders, we have extra reinforcement for pallets, so that tiles have more protection when being combined in the same container with other goods.