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How to choose tiles for your bathroom

Thursday, 21/09/2023, 13:48 GMT+7

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How to choose tiles for your bathroom

How to choose tiles for your bathroom

Encaustic tiles are a type of tile originating from France that is often used to tile bathrooms or restrooms. Bathroom encaustic tiles not only possess unique properties, being able to withstand wet environments in accordance with product characteristics and functions, but they are also extremely wonderful decorative tiles. With a history of more than 100 years, this line of tiles still retains the sophistication and symmetrical patterns that are popular with many people.

Application of encaustic tiles in bathroom design
For encaustic tiles to become a popular bathroom tiling material as they are today, it is because of many reasons. These include patterns with unique beauty, durability of tiles over time, easy-to-clean and hygienic surfaces, etc. Besides, the characteristic of the bathroom environment being always wet and prone to slipping and falling is completely overcome by bathroom tiles. With the above advantages, cement tiles have been chosen by many homeowners for bathroom tiling.

Some important points when choosing bathroom tiles

Choose decorative tiles by type

Bathroom encaustic tiles also come in a variety of types. To choose wall tiles for the bathroom, the best suggestion for you is to use tiles with smooth surfaces with eye-catching patterns that are highly aesthetic and easy to clean. As for encaustic tiles as floor tiles for the bathroom, you should use tiles with rough surfaces, high friction and adhesion. This line of tiles will help users move more easily and prevent slipping. In addition, it is also necessary to limit the choice of slippery bathroom tiles for the floor because it can easily cause dangerous slips and falls.

Choose by tile color

According to color, when choosing bathroom encaustic tiles, you need to pay attention to some points such as:

To decorate the bathroom, you should use brightly colored tiles when the homeowner plans to use only one color for the space. Install light-colored decorative tiles above and dark-colored tiles below to create a highlight.

Because the bathroom is a private space for relaxation, compared to colorful tile patterns, encaustic tiles with simple, gentle patterns look more suitable for decorating the bathroom.
An option worth considering when homeowners want the bathroom space to look more spacious and brighter is white encaustic tiles with classic patterns. Homeowners can also use many different patterns and mix them together to create highlights.

Choose according to bathroom size

Design experts have commented that large-sized floor tiles can bring a spacious and airy effect to the bathroom space. However, you should also choose the appropriate type of bathroom tiles depending on the design and size of each type of bathroom. In a large bathroom, avoid using tiles that are too small. This can lead to space narrowing and confusion.

How to use encaustic tiles in accordance with bathroom design

Tiling the bathroom floor

Using encaustic tiles to cover the bathroom floor is the simplest and most popular choice. You can use one pattern for the entire floor or follow a unified color theme for the entire room if the homeowner is a person who likes to be meticulous.

Use for wall cladding

To give your bathroom space a more special look compared to shiny, one-color bathrooms, using encaustic tiles to cover the walls is a perfect choice.

However, you should only tile certain selected parts regardless of whether the tiles are tiled according to rules or not. To limit the creation of stuffiness and confusion for the whole space, it is not advisable to overuse bathroom tiles to cover the entire space.

Floor and wall tiling

If you want to tile both the floor and walls of the bathroom, the homeowner should only tile part of it to avoid confusion because bathroom tiles often have many patterns. You will need to consult with a tile distribution consultant to find ideas to make your bathroom more unique and pleasing.

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