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Besides tiles products, Secoin also provide the chemicals used for these product lines such as: ASY Sealers, Nano products, abrasives for tile and stone ... These are high-grade raw materials which have been tested for many years to show that they are suitable to Secoin tiles as well as other similar products.


1. Product Description

ASY Sealer is a clear, single component, solvent-borne acrylic sealer specially formulated for sealing textured concrete surfaces. It can also be used for other stone and cement-base products such as slate tiles, manmade stone, cement pavers, wash pebbles, terrazzo and other old and new masonry surfaces. The sealer is fast drying and can penetrate 1 to 2mm into the surface to provide an aesthetically attractive look to the coated surface. It has good alkaline, fungus, stain and UV- resistant properties and also capable of resisting mild acid attack. It is also non-yellowing, non- dusting, hard and reasonably durable.

2. Application Method

  • - Surface must be cleaned of all oil, grease and traces of release agent or curing compound. Also, floor surfaces to receive the sealer must be dry completely without water marks. Apply the sealer with roller or brush. Though one coat of sealer is normally sufficient to protect the surface, it is recommended to apply two coats of sealer for better result. For application on smooth cement surface or for spray application, it is recommended to dilute the sealer with an aromatic solvent such as Xylene or Toluene up to 100% to 150% and apply minimum 2-3 layers.

3. Maintenance

- Wash with detergent and clean regularly. It is recommended to reseal the surface every 12-36 months depending on the usage conditions and volume of traffic.

4. Coverage

- Approximately 4.0 m2 per litre per coat.

5. Packing

- 01 litre, 02 litres, 05 litres

6. Technical Information

Non-volatile content: 26,5%                         Ph: 6,3

Coloue: Clear                                               Appearance: Natural look with a little gloss

Touch dry: 30 to 60min                                Walk - on time: 4 hours

7. Safety Information

- The product should be used with adequate ventilation. Prolonged breathing of the vapor and contact with eye and skin should be avoided. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not store or use near heat or flame as the product contains petroleum distillates. Harmful if swallowed.


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