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Encaustic Tiles for a Unique Coffee Shop Design

Thursday, 21/09/2023, 15:42 GMT+7

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Encaustic Tiles for a Unique Coffee Shop Design

Encaustic Tiles for a Unique Coffee Shop Design

Today's young people when coming to a coffee shop are not only interested in whether the quality of the drinks is good or not but also because of the design of the shop to create beautiful background photos.

Today's young people when coming to a coffee shop are not only interested in whether the quality of the drinks is good or not but also because of the design of the shop to create beautiful background photos. If in the past, coffee shops with a luxurious Western style were often favored, now coffee shops with a vintage classic style are enthusiastically supported by young people. How to design a coffee shop to be impressive and leave a lasting impression. This article from SECOIN will guide you on how to design a unique coffee shop using encaustic tiles as well as the application of high-end encaustic tiles.


What kind of coffee shop is encaustic tile suitable for?

Currently, there are many types of encaustic tile patterns used to decorate coffee shops. One style that is very popular today is the vintage style. To be able to design a coffee shop in this style, the most suitable decorative tile is encaustic tile.

Encaustic tiles are a completely reasonable choice for coffee shops with a classic vintage style. Step into a quiet space, set foot on the cool classic encaustic tile floor, feeling like calling back 20 years old, familiar and nostalgic. In addition, encaustic tiles can also be used to create different styles according to customer requirements.


Why do coffee shop owners love encaustic tiles?

With elegant and harmonious patterns and colors, encaustic tiles are loved by many people who love the classic elegance and nobility in interior design style. Let's go through some of the reasons to explain why coffee shop owners choose encaustic tiles for decoration:

  • Encaustic tiles are suitable for use in all spaces: With the variations in pattern design and colors, today's old encaustic tiles are becoming extremely versatile for many different architectural styles. From classic, semi-classical to minimalist, modern styles.
  • One of the environmentally friendly materials: Encaustic tiles are made from environmentally friendly materials such as cement, sand, stone powder and natural pigments. The non-firing production process does not pollute the living environment.
  • Encaustic tiles have good abrasion resistance: If properly maintained and used, classic encaustic tiles can be used for many years. The longer the tiles are used, the shinier and more beautiful they will be. This is a type of tile with a long lifespan, which helps you save on repair or replacement costs.
  • Good heat retention and insulation: Encaustic tiles have good heat retention, which is also one of the advantages that makes many users use this type of tile. In winter, the floor will be warm and in summer, the floor will be cool. Because of the good heat retention, using this type of tile will help your family save electricity costs.

Application of high-end encaustic tiles in coffee shops

High-end Secoin encaustic tiles at Le Ciel Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City

Le Ciel Cafe is currently a "stormy" address in the young community in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting many people to visit and check in. The outstanding design of the restaurant is the use of high-end Secoin encaustic tiles with two main colors of blue and white to create a fresh feeling as the main highlight.


Not following the popular coffee shop designs on the market, Le Ciel Cafe impresses customers by owning a small garden paved with white pebbles and planted with many cacti, creating a very "Mediterranean" feeling close to nature. Instead of choosing too elaborate patterns, the restaurant chooses encaustic tiles with unusual geometric patterns, combined to create a unique overall.With outstanding features such as scratch resistance, easy cleaning, a variety of designs and sizes, encaustic tiles are becoming one of the top choices of coffee shop and restaurant owners in decoration and design.

Secoin - Supplier of high-end encaustic tiles

Currently, there are many units on the market that supply encaustic tile products. However, it is not easy for customers to choose a high-quality product at a good price.

  • Secoin is currently becoming a leading distributor of encaustic tiles recognized by customers for its advantages in service, which can be mentioned as follows:
  • Secoin has a modern and professional production process with high-quality raw materials, ensuring the highest efficiency of use.
  • Beautiful encaustic tile design with trendy colors, harmoniously combined with each space
  • Customers can directly refer to product information on the website for convenient purchase.
  • Competitive prices with other competitors on the market
  • Secoin always strives to bring to customers high-end products with perfect quality
  • Secoin encaustic tiles meet the standard: ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: VOC A+ CERTIFIED
  • Our enthusiastic and friendly consulting staff helps customers choose the most suitable products that suit their design style and intended use.


Through the above article, we have helped you learn about the application of high-end encaustic tiles in coffee shops. If you are looking to buy cement tiles, come to Secoin for the fastest advice and support.


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