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Secoin cement tile – unforgettable traditional beauty

Thursday, 30/03/2023, 08:58 GMT+7

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Secoin cement tile – unforgettable traditional beauty

Secoin cement tile – unforgettable traditional beauty

It can be said that cement tiles are decorative tiles that were associated with the simple childhood of a generation of Vietnamese. But do you know what is cement tile? Since when did it appear? Originated from where? And how does it develop? Let's learn about this delicate cement tile.

History and the development of Secoin cement tiles

Formed at the beginning of the 20th century, when the first cement brick machines made in France began to be transported to Vietnam to serve all French construction projects in Indochina. Brossard Mopin cement tiles are famous throughout Vietnam with the E-shaped logo that operated for many generations even after the French withdrew from Vietnam in 1954.

At that time, Secoin is also one of the leading brands and manufacturers in the field of unburnt building materials made from cement and is also a famous cement tiles manufacturer in Vietnam.

At Secoin, there is currently a team of hundreds of long-time and skilled cement tile artisans. Even more proud when Brossard et Mopin – Thanh Danh – Secoin today is present in 60 countries across 6 continents to contribute to preserving and promoting the tradition of an excellent product made from human hands. Vietnam.



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Introducing outstanding models of cement tiles at Secoin- Traditional beauty that is hard to fade

Secoin's high-class cement tiles are increasingly proving the traditional values of a cement tile industry with more than a hundred years of history that have been passed down through generations of Vietnamese people. Each finished product is a crystallization of Western elegance and the mystery of the East, aristocratic classical architecture and modern impressionist style.

Let's learn about the beauty of some popular types of cement tiles today.

Square cement tiles

When it comes to square cement tiles, many people will immediately remember the houses with the floor paved with a type of tile with symmetrical patterns in harmony with each other. If in modern times, shiny ceramic tiles make you feel excited when you can "look in the mirror" on the floor, then square cement tiles with simple and handmade motifs hide on the floors the unique and ancient beauty.




This is exactly the old type of tiles associated with the Vietnamese generation that anyone feels nostalgic and familiar when seeing architectural designs using this product. Square cement tiles are designed with the outer quadrangle wrapped around the symmetrical patterns inside, exuding a simple but equally luxurious beauty for the office space.

Hexagon cement tile

With the era of growing development and modernity, people's aesthetic needs have also been raised to a new level, in addition, the introduction of many types of decorative materials also makes square cement tiles cannot meet the needs and desires of many people. That's why Secoin's hexagonal cement tiles were born to meet the demand for high aesthetics in spaces where users want a change.


The designs of hexagonal tiles are extremely diverse, from monochrome colors such as white and black to stone patterns and unique patterns with attractive features to catch up with the trends and needs of the times. However, it only has a single color, gentle, full of nostalgia, rustic but also extremely youthful and luxurious when skillfully combined.

Secoin cement tile brand has done a very good job of becoming a bridge between the beauty of old traditions to the crystallization of modern style in each product.




Monochrome cement tiles

True to its name, this type of tile often appears with monochrome colors that vary from white to black. Although it does not attract attention with its flashy or fussy lines with intricate patterns, it attracts people by bringing the experience of the world of colors to life.


They are often combined with different colors to form a vivid and colorful picture, bringing a break in design, creating a more vivid feeling in any space.

Monochrome cement tiles bring a lively wall with a combination of countless colors



Currently, Secoin is one of the leading brands in the market in providing quality cement tile products. In addition to the desire to give customers the best choice in projects, Secoin is also the holder of the quintessence of the traditional beauty of Vietnamese culture.



If you want to learn more about the product lines of cement tiles, please contact directly or visit Secoin's official website for direct and fastest answers to your questions.

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