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Secoin desires to maintain the leading position in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing non-burnt building materials and environment-friendly products. Secoin products will be supplied to the domestic market and will increase distribution worldwide.

Sustainably developed and gained our achievements on the basis of capturing.


Secoin has been established with four values; knowledge, technology, nature and human resources.

"Capturing the value of knowledge" - we aim to continue building our company with academic knowledge of science and business.

"Capturing the value of technology" -  we combine advanced technology with our country's growth potential.

"Capturing the value of nature" - the value of our natural resources is embraced in Secoin products.

"Capturing the value of the human-being” – we innovate with our local labor force. Additionally, our partnership with foreign and domestic companies has created a strong alliance for Secoin.

Secoin is focused in the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly building materials. Secoin products are designed to protect the global environment and are recyclable. Not only creating value for our employees, we continue to optimize benefits for our shareholders. Secoin also contributes to the well-being of the country and to solving the current social and ecological problems of our times.