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Our People

PeopleImproving-bullet-splat5-iconAn experienced and skilled workforce

Handmade Encaustic Cement Tile is an art! In Secoin factory, you can find the bests workers for encaustic cement tiles in Vietnam. We are proud of our production team with over 480 workers. The majority of them have got long experience and great skills in making encaustic cement tiles.

Improving-bullet-splat5-iconA strong and innovative R&D team 

Testing colours, fighting efflorescence, applying latest technical know-hows into our cement tiles – this job is continuously done by our R&D experts. Never Resize_1satisfied with what we have, we are making efforts everyday to bring quality products to our customers.

Improving-bullet-splat5-iconA professional and dedicated sales team

With our experience in international import – export business, our sales people commit to bring you our good service.

Improving-bullet-splat5-iconAn enthusiastic and passionate Board of Directors 

With tremendous passion and experience - our Board of Directors continuously lead the company to the better performance for innovative building materials.