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Terms and Conditions
  • Due to the nature of handmade cement tiles, there should have slight variations in sizes, colors, patterns and designs in our encaustic cement tiles.
  • Secoin is not responsible for any delays caused by strikes, natural disasters, customs inspections, freights, holidays or other factors beyond our control.
  • Information of this site is subject to change without notice.
  • Measuring tiling areas or spaces with detailed required information of tiles are the responsibility of the client or customer, Secoin is not responsible for errors in quantities, sizes or colors.
  • Our guarantee does not cover damages caused by violations of the original use of the tiles.
  • The photos of this site are taken by Secoin with the copyrights.
  • Secoin is responsible to cite the sources for the contents and images we used from different known sources.
  • Secoin is not responsible for any contents and images used in the website with unknown sources.
  • For installing the handmade cement tiles, Secoin provides the general writing, photo, video guide-lines and recommendations to customers for consultancy with free of charge.