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What are cement tiles?


Along with the history since 1910, Secoin encaustic cement tiles are handmade and aesthetic masterpieces with variety of vibrant colors and delicate patterns. 

They are handcrafted with two layers: the first colored and patterned layer of approximately 2mm thickness; the second grey layer made of fine cement and sand to ensure the strength of tiles. From the raw materials such as cement, sand, pigment and additives, cement tiles are not only created to be a product but also contain a soul in it by the golden hands of experienced artisans.

Secoin encaustic cement tiles bring a natural and unique charm that easily applied to indoors and outdoors for both residential and commercial projects. To obtain the most enduring performance, the surfaces of our encaustic cement tiles are polished in the suitable sealers which contain UV protection for outdoor installation or obtain resistance of water, grease and stain for indoors applications or have waterproof for installing in pool and fountain decks.

Secoin encaustic cement tiles are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly in use of natural materials without any fuel for burning in the production process.

Why don’t you come to Secoin and choose the favorable designs or patterns for your home! Even if you want to have differentiating space in your home following your customized designs and patterns – contact us to transfer your inspirational ideas into the reality now.