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Tile Adhesive
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Tile Adhesive SEKEO

           Perfect material for all projects
1. Product description 

- Fine powder, factory prepared cementitious tile adhesive ready to be mixed with clean water. SEKEO is a blend of high strength Portland cement, graded aggregates, Polymers Additives, provides stable and strong adhering for tiling.

- Color: white and grey

- Specific weight : 1,340 – 1,420  kg/m3

2. Applications

- SEKEO is used for Interior and Exterior bonding of Encaustic cement tile, Terrazzo tile, Mosaic, Ceramics, Granite, Marble…on the floor, on the walls and ceiling made by Concrete or Cementitious mortar with compressive strength  more than 75 MPa.

- For adhering the construction tiles on the surface made by gypsum boards, cement-fiber boards, for tiling swimming pools, kitchen, bathroom…

- For sticking the materials consist of stone, glass fiber, polystyrene…

- SEKEO usesfor tiling the floor ( for tiles of all sizes) and on the wall ( a size smaller than 30x30cm) 

3. Advantages by using SEKEO

In comparison with traditional mortar make-on-site by cement – sand - water, SEKEO has number of advantages

- High adhesive strength thanks to special polymer additives

- Factory production ensures stable high quality and durability

Slip equals “zero” (= 0,48 mm), which facilitates tiling on the wall, ceiling or vertically surface

- Easy performance, not requires high qualified workers, as the result the labor effectiveness increases and accelerate finishing construction.

- Making strong bonding between the tiles and surface, no shrinkage

- Water proof ability, no calcination(lime released) phenomenon in exterior application

- Environmental durability and base resistance

- Very clean on working place.


4. Technical characteristics and consumption SEKEO



5. Test Report


6. Specification

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