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Cementitious tile grout
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SERON_20kgCementitious Grout SERON

         Perfect material for all projects
1. Product description 

- Fine powder, factory prepared cementitious grout ready to be mixed with clean water. SERON grout is a blend of high strength Portland cement, graded aggregates, Polymers and Pigments, provides a grout  joint that is dense, hard, water proof and durable.

- Color: white and unlimited range of colors.

- Specific weight : 1,150-1,220 kg/m3

2. Applications

- For filling joints between tiles and stones.

- Perfect  replacement  of white and colored cement  in  traditional applications.

- Especially suitable for areas like kitchen, bathroom, hospitals and cleanrooms, where a stain and fungal resistance of jointing filler is required.

3. Advantages by using SEKEO

In comparison of using of white cement or pigmented cement, Seron brings a lot of advantages as follows:

- Non-shrink filler thanks to Seron high mechanical strength

- High adhesion to absorptive and non-absorptive tiles

- Non-dusting

- Large number of colors and is colorfast and evenly dispersed.

- Water proof ability

- Anti-microbial, anti-fungus

- Do not stain tiles

Durable for interior and exterior applications

Excellent ultra-violet waves resistance.


4. Technical characteristics and consumption


5. Test Report SERON

SERON technical characteristics met Vietnam Standards TCVN 7899-3:2008 / ISO 13007-3:2004 and European Standards EN 13888:2002 - High class CG2WA



4. Specification

Download specification MSDS SERON

Download specification TDS SERON

For all information relating to Tile adhesive SEKEO, please contact SECOIN via hotline: (08)/(04) 6655 8888. We'd glad to response to all of your inquries.

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