Hotline: 18006622
Product Code : 866
Width : 40cm
Length : 40cm
Thickness : 1.5-2.5cm
COLOR CHART : green, white, orange, black, grey
Other color ways :
Color Chart : Solid Color Choices

Scarpa tile is derived from the name of an Italian architect: Carlo Scarpa (1906 - 1978). He is an architect influenced by the materials, landscape and history of Venetian and Japanese culture.

In 1957, Scarpa was commissioned by the Olivetti typewriter company to design their showroom in Venice, Italy. This gallery is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture, and is now a museum displaying his work.

The Scarpa tiles are made like a mosaic inspired by the works of Carlo Scarpa, their form resembles the keyboard of the typewriter itself.

Developing Secoin's product line named Scarpa tile, we not only stop at traditional designs but also incorporate many new ideas about colors, the layout of natural stone pieces, terrazzo pieces, ... to create new and unique designs for impressive interior and exterior spaces.