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Here are some common questions and answers. If you still have any other questions related to our products or services, please send your questions to Thank you.

So far, we do not recommend using encaustic cement tiles in the following applications:

+ Outdoor in places that freeze in winter

+ Outdoor with vehicle traffic or driveways

+ Inside swimming pool or similar applications

+ Floors which are in frequent contact with acids, alkaline or other attacking chemicals

Cement tiles can be used for floors in bathrooms and showers. Please note that in these cases, cement tiles and grout have to be sealed with a very good penetrating sealer to protect the floors from attack of body wash or shower gel.
Secoin can provide penetrating sealers to protect your encaustic cement tile floor. Please click here for more details about our sealers.

Encaustic cement tiles can be used on walls, such as wall decoration in living room, dining room, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall,… Depending on the type of walls, cement tiles should be protected with suitable penetrating sealer to be protected from stain or oil or other substances.

Yes. Our cement tiles can be used for heating systems as they can conduct heat.

Tiles are put face to face into cartoon boxes. Between the tiles, there are white papers to protect tile surface. Then, boxes are put into wooden pallets. Pallets will be loaded into container. Please click here for more details.

Installing encaustic cement tiles is not a difficult process, but great care has to be taken to protect the floor from being stained or damaged. We have a detailed instruction document on how to install encaustic cement tiles. Please check more details here.


Most of the time, encaustic cement tiles are installed on cement mortar substrate. In some cases, installing on wood subflooring could be possible, but please check carefully with your contractor about it. Special care should be taken if installing over a wooden subfloor so that the tiles don’t crack as the subfloor expands and contracts. We recommend installing on cement mortar substrate as it is a more stable.

We recommend using mortar to fix the tiles on the substrate. When using mortar, you can adjust the level of tile surface more easily than using glues.

Fill the joints with grouting liquid. For the grouting color, you can choose either white grout or colored grout. White grout matches most of the cases. However, for colored grout, please choose the color which is the same with the color of tile or pattern in the tile. DO NOT use black or dark grouting liquid as it may stain the floor.

For our encaustic cement tiles, the floor will not be ground or polished after installation. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to levelling the tiles during installation to have a perfectly flat floor.

For our encaustic terrazzo, there is no need to grind or polish the floor after installation. However, in some countries, the encaustic terrazzo floor is ground and polished after installation. In these cases, please pay attention not to grind more than 1mm away from the top layer (as the thickness of first layer in our encaustic terrazzo is about 3mm).